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Moving industry very profitable

Move networks: my name is Ni Zicheng, network name: lucky. 05 onwards related to network and help businesses make website, graduated in 2000 began to run the business, has also been running his own small company, but it is not ideal. Now with development, design, operation of the stations as well as Zhang Haoming moving mesh: move networks was first conceived in June 08 November to do simple program on January 1, 2009 the first revision. Because they are too busy, so there is less focus on. Ready to do 2 revision before the Spring Festival, because the discovery process where there is insufficient.
good water: website launch less than January's time, I heard that already had two horses want to negotiate with you on the move network of China venture, this condition true? now discuss how? webmaster have any intention of financing cooperation moving Web: chat now venture, transferred to them our vision. However, if contrary to our model, how much money we will not do. Our small, but some business owners were trying to stop us to focus on their business, this is not possible, and if it didn't work right, we still would not yield interest.
good water: are they find you, or are you actively looking for financing it? the scene description of move networks: they look for, we have not achieved when we were looking for a VC was estimated to be from relevant searches coming in, they are also optimistic about the industry on the importance of the Internet. Home business owners say 50-100W to operate, they require relatively high, some are not our original intention of building, now being negotiated. There is also a friend wanted to take money out of the investment, in fact, we are looking for strong businesses, is not that they buy, we at least owe it to the initiative in the development of the site. Details of their investments before the early March 09 was 200,000, mainly for Web site development and optimization-500,000 before the end of 09, if substantial effect another 500,000 come in, but they asked us to listen to them in the direction of mainly, I think I can't go on (the benefit to us is not the point, can be simply see better development). In fact, we believe putting more or less is not the point, friends there are negotiations, mainly overall site development direction.

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