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In recent years, home heating equipment is growing, high-end consumers, the families. However, in this city in the sale and installation of heating products, pipeline leaking, temperature instability, after-sales service in place caused by contract disputes are common. To this end, Shanghai moving companies, Shanghai building material industry association established the contract demonstration text heating products in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal heating and installation of demonstration text of construction contract. The text has the following characteristics: 1. Highlighting conventions of quality heating products. Heating equipment highly specialized, high technology, ordinary people are not very familiar with this city, selling businesses and consumers when signing a contract, use the standard contracts provided by the enterprise, these contracts by the sales business on its own, there are often exempt from their responsibility and obligations of the consumer provisions, particularly the quality, origin and other provisions prescribed fuzzy, easily in a contract dispute. Model a detailed set of product origin, such as, quality standards, and effectively guard against disputes due to quality is unclear.   In addition, acceptance of contract terms, we once again remind consumers that the product's name, origin, packaging, manuals, product certification, trademark or brand, size, model number, manufacturer, color, quantity to be checked on the spot. 2. strive to resolve service problems. Service disputes in heating products installed in the dispute have been high. Model set the heating product warranty, free debugging and free access to the Guide number and time terms, leading consumer focused attention to this provision. With the increasing popularity of moving companies, and contract from moving companies service enterprises are mostly on their own, simple articles, their rights and obligations is not clear, leading moving companies increases maintenance disputes. Hong Kong's "pornographic" after the incident, moving companies appear in the maintenance release of moving companies privacy information has become the focus of public concern. To this end, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for industry and commerce, Shanghai computer industry association jointly developed a moving companies in Shanghai service contract demonstration text. The contracts have the following characteristics: 1. Prevent maintenance disclose consumer information.   Contract demonstration text expressly in its enterprise maintenance shall not copy or disclose consumer information from the hard drive, safeguard consumer information security. 2. To prevent repeated rework due to maintenance quality.   Service disputes during implementation of the moving companies in maintenance services contract problems often, especially the same failure repeated cause consumers with maintenance disputes, for which we have deliberately set in the contract consumers moving companies in hardware with maintenance to repair faults during the warranty agreement, to address consumer worries, and enhance the quality of service. 3. Prevent repair enterprise "bait". Contracts clear, moving companies in maintenance replacement parts to all consumers, is aimed at preventing companies overestimate risk during the repair process, and shoddy, were plainly consumption by consumers. BACK PAGE