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Moving companies gradually perfect supervision mechanism

Strong demand associated with moving, relocation of residents, Jinan many moving companies big and small have sprung up in the market and, due to the moving company experienced the lack of technology, moving in air conditioning, furniture disassembly and Assembly, residents in the process of moving consumer complaints increasing calls for standardizing the Jinan moving market.
to this end, the relevant departments for special supervision regulation of moving companies and crack down on "black to move", as requires moving company in Jinan, "five unification" and Corporation management; crackdown the illegal moving and transportation companies, and strengthen the quality management, skills enhancement, and so on. Moving company in Jinan, Wang moved has a variety of models, professional transportation and handling and technical services staff, undertake professional people moving, relocation, long short distance transport, equipment, appliances, furniture disassembly and Assembly business, survive by quality of service and customer satisfaction for the purpose, the charges are reasonable, service is in place and meet the needs of our customers, enterprises and individuals are welcome to inquire BACK PAGE