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Females moved to toss 8 man

Yesterday, the Changsha Zoo began as a whole shipment of primates, at present, including chimpanzees, baboons, Gibbons and monkeys and more than 30 pieces are taken to Changsha ecological Zoo. It is learnt that the removal order and time adjustment is based mainly on the readiness of the new Park site. Due to the large number of hundreds moving Primate is the main work of the past few days.
world war one monkey "hide and seek"
"primates are intelligent, low efficiency of food attracts, generally do not fall for it. "In the face of intelligence, even physically good Primate, Zoo staff will let them into the cage at all? A little after 9 o'clock in the morning, Zoo animal hospital expert Ma Zaiyu 7 large men enter Petite green monkey cages.
started, it was decided at the Green monkey's Chamber to contain, in a small two or three square meters of space, only to hear a blast, and ten minutes later, without any results. Suddenly, inside the room door opened, 3 green monkey went outside the room. 8 big man and some bamboo poles, nets, and chase out. See, however, that the Green monkey unusually flexible, under channeling on channeling, sometimes jumping on the wall and falls from the ceiling, sometimes stops, scratch his head, seemed to laugh at "so many people I can't" busy people dizzy.
Green monkey mother "trap"
"caught Cubs first, directly from the mother. "The Stockman's suggestion, many have turned to attack small monkeys, hope to catch monkeys after the Cubs, the mother will come to the rescue. NET has two, one is made of sacks and the other is a denser network, it is noted that this net, can avoid the monkeys paw scratching at the net, going to hurt people and hurt the monkey's paw. When journalists are seen at the neck edge, head spinning, after the jump shot of little monkeys finally slow down, it seems it is tired, they decided a stream of air, to win it. At this time, the mother monkey jianshibumiao, began to prevent net fishing, now equal to trap, but fell in the first network. In half an hour after the 3 green monkey finally entered the cage all in the box.
ape Baboon even anesthesia, however, this is good. It is learnt that chimpanzees and baboons are grumpy, having a robust, Titanic, is even more difficult to access, "a couple of us are not an orangutan, are staggering. "And they are very aggressive and will bite people. No way, had to take the anesthetic techniques, get them to quiet down. It is reported that the precise dosage control for each anesthesia, a tranquilizer gun in about 10 minutes after entry into force, the orangutans will go to sleep, and thirty or forty minutes later, they will start to jump.
it is understood that new home 1 Monkey Island Fort and two monkeys, one orangutan Island to their stay, there is not only home to the large lot, and outdoor playground set up a lot for them to play at the swings swings, climbing poles, ropes, and so on. BACK PAGE