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26 illegal houses collectively move

Recently, Haier Industrial Park Road and grace district on the left bank of headless brings together a lot of illegal houses on both sides. The morning of October 20, Han Street in the city and on the road, laoshan district, regulation, the use of multiple large crane with platform car removal of the Board room, up to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, 26 a total of more than 500 square meters of illegal houses are "moved".
20 and 9 o'clock in the morning, reporters rushed to the Haier industrial park and grace between Zhuzhou road extension line on the left bank, Zhuzhou road because the road has not been connected into a dead end highway. "Because the road has not officially built into management in the municipal sector, so some bored loopholes and illegal houses were arranged on both sides of the road. "Squadrons of laoshan Han in the city law enforcement officials said.
reporter noted, this near-decapitation of the 1.5 km long road brings together 26 illegal houses with some of the containers, mainly used to operate cement, River sand business, recycling points and other auto repair shop, and so on. Some stuck on empty Board room rental ads. "None of these houses and approval procedures, illegal settings," law enforcement officials told reporters that these illegal houses more than 500 square meters, finished 20th to be moved.
law-enforcement officers to organize large cranes and platform truck to overall illegal houses "moves", workers used a crane "on" Board room, and then carefully placed on flat wagons. 9:20 A.M., when workers were moving when an illegal houses, homeowners have suddenly appeared, said he didn't notice these days, wanted to remove the Board room, also a "review". This reporter has learned, up to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the beheading of illegal houses on the way and the whole container has been moved to a parking lot, "some containers are heavy, we don't even need two cranes tried to lift away, still very troublesome, time-consuming", law enforcement officials told reporters. Law enforcement officials said the illegal houses are cleaned, broken roads on both sides of large green belt will be built according to the plan. BACK PAGE